October 19, 2016

About Me

profileWelcome! My name is Lindsay Zavesky and I am the founder of Good Morning Sunshine Sleep Consulting. My sleep training has given me the very best tools and knowledge available to help you get your little one sleeping through the night!

I am excited to share my passion of helping babies and children achieve the skills to fall asleep on their own; in turn, helping families toward a “happier” bed time. I strongly believe that healthy sleep habits mean cheerful, healthy and playful children.

I Understand

Struggling to find a way to achieve a decent nights sleep with my son lead the drive for my sleep research and subsequent training. After weeks of sleepless nights, reading almost every sleep book on the market, and hours browsing the internet for a sleep solution, it was time to find a healthy effective sleep solution for my little man.

The Program

Browsing the internet one early morning I came across world renowned sleep expert Dana Obleman’s Sleep Sense™ Program. As I read the testimonials a light bulb went off, this program seemed different. With a high success rate of helping over 57,000 parents Dana’s Sleep Sense™ Program had gotten recognition on national television, radio talk shows, major newspapers and news programs.

My Experience

Before becoming an infant and child sleep consultant, I managed a motor development facility for children in Fairfield County. I helped children to develop a love of physical activity leading to an active, healthy and confident life style while aiding and educating parents on the importance of sensory integration, motor skills and being active. I saw first-hand the importance of a good night’s sleep. Well-rested children were able to focus longer, socially integrate better with other children and appeared to be overall happier playmates!