I Thought I Was Prepared For My First Child…

A overhead picture of an infantSo is anyone really every prepared to have their first child?

I thought my husband and I were prepared to bring our son home. I have loved children for as long as I can remember and have worked with them since the age of 14. Starting in 2007 I had made my career out of being surrounded by children and their families …so like I said before I felt very well prepared to have a child.

Everyday that feeling of preparedness dropped and dropped and dropped. We brought our little one home to a sterilized house, a stocked refrigerator, a completely decorated nursery and every contraption you can imagine put together and ready to go. So how were we not prepared?!

We were not prepared because there are things you can not prepare for! I was a first time mom, I did not realize the demands of breastfeeding and what sleep deprivation could really do to you! I was exhausted, mentally and physically exhausted and I was a lucky that I had support and help from both sides of our families. I look back now and can not imagine not having help. So props to all the Mom’s and Dad’s out there who find a way to make it work.

Everyday for the first few weeks I thought to myself….oh my goodness, look how many adults it takes to take care of a little one!

Thinking back I did not prepare for the most important things and I am a person who prepares. I was disappointed in myself and thought I could have done a better job making the transition home.

I mean you watch commercials with little ones sleeping in their bassinets and a mom feeding and putting them gently back to sleep…this never once happened for me. I kept thinking to myself I have to be doing something wrong. Why does it require hours of my husband and I pacing around upstairs to get our son to sleep for 45 minutes?!

What I know now I wish I knew then……

I personally feel like I should have:

  1. Researched about breastfeeding (when, how, how much, on a schedule or on demand..?)
  2. Read about how you get your child to actually sleep! And I don’t mean sleeping on top of you, I mean sleeping in a bassinet or crib.
  3. How do you form a schedule?
  4. Is it really advisable to stay at home, get out, break the schedule, have a life?!

Like I said…what I know now I wish I knew then, BUT guess what…?

My son is 8 months old, the happiest and most talkative kid I know. He is thriving, loves life and is given all the love and attention in the world from his family. It all worked out. Was the road a little bumpier then expected….absolutely!!  Was it worth it for my husband and I…absolutely! We have felt a love greater then anything we could have ever imagined.

Bottom line is parents do their best!! Their intentions are in the right place and each parent makes decisions that are in the best interest of their child. No one is perfect and no one should be judged. Love and support between parents and families is what enhances our community and a child’s chance to flourish.

I have learned many lessons, and the hard lessons learned have already taught me many things. I am grateful for my friends and family which have always meant the world to me, but being a Mom has changed me. All you mothers out there understand what I am talking about.

Do I know everything about parenting…absolutely not! BUT I am very excited to learn from other mothers and experts now knowing there is a support system out there and its okay not to be 100% prepared.

Now that I have been educated on feedings, sleep and the importance of a schedule I feel like I am again prepared for what life brings day in and day out. My son has lead me to further my career of helping families and giving the gift of sleep. So not only does this 20 pound bundle of joy teach me things every day, but he has shaped our families future in more ways then one.

If you need help getting your little one to sleep please message, email or call me for a free 15 minute consult. Take it from me, sleep is not a luxury or rite of passage for parents…its a necessity! I would love to help your family get the rest you all deserve.